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About ASCO:

ASCO is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality solenoid valves. ASCO products are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam. ASCO's heritage of innovation has resulted in an extensive line of products that range from two position on/off valves to entire flow control solutions designed to meet requirements of thousands of customers. Micro-miniature solenoid valves, pressure and temperature switches, sensors, pneumatic controls and position indication technology with network communications capabilities can all be found among ASCO's product offerings.

Product and Part Number Info:

To browse the ASCO products available, simply click on the category listed below. You can also navigate the products from the Products tab at the top of the page. If you can't find what you're looking for, call the toll free number 855-223-6876 for assistance. Not all products are available online.

Asco Searching & Ordering Tips

  1. Most ASCO Valve part numbers will have a letter in the middle of the part number. This letter represents the revision level of the valve, and the current Red Hat II letter designation is the letter "G". So, if you've searched Centro-Online for an 8030A003 valve and it didn't find your item , try your search again replacing the "A" with a "G", for example: 8030G003
  2. The part number does not contain a designation for the voltage, but is included in the description of the solenoid valve on our site. For example ASCO - 8030G003 120/60,110/50 - Low Pressure Solenoid Valve.
  3. All the information needed to replace a valve or to order repair kits or coils is on the tag.

Already Know Which Product You Want?

Following the tips above, please use the search box at the top left of this screen to bring up your product on our site. If you can’t find the product using the search box please call toll free 855-223-6876 for assistance, or email us through the Contact Us Page. When calling, please furnish us with all the tag information, and we will help you out right away! Not all model configurations are available through the search and must be configured or ordered over the phone with tech support.

Site Map for ASCO Products:

ASCO Categories

Category Products

Category Products

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ASCO - 062691-001-D*-001-D - Replacement CoilASCO - 062691-001-D*-001-D - Replacement Coil
ASCO - 062691-002-D*-002-D - Replacement CoilASCO - 062691-002-D*-002-D - Replacement Coil
ASCO - 062691-010-D*-010-D - Replacement CoilASCO - 062691-010-D*-010-D - Replacement Coil
ASCO - 064982-001-D*-001-D - Replacement CoilASCO - 064982-001-D*-001-D - Replacement Coil
ASCO - 074073-005-D*-005-D - Replacement CoilASCO - 074073-005-D*-005-D - Replacement Coil
ASCO - 097617-005-D*-005-D - Replacement CoilASCO - 097617-005-D*-005-D - Replacement Coil
ASCO - 099257-001-D*-001-D - Replacement CoilASCO - 099257-001-D*-001-D - Replacement Coil
ASCO - 099257-005-D*-005-D - Replacement CoilASCO - 099257-005-D*-005-D - Replacement Coil
ASCO - 180214- Solenoid Valve Repair KitASCO - 180214- Solenoid Valve Repair Kit
ASCO - 180446- Solenoid Valve Repair KitASCO - 180446- Solenoid Valve Repair Kit
ASCO - 180621- Solenoid Valve Repair KitASCO - 180621- Solenoid Valve Repair Kit
ASCO - 182032- Solenoid Valve Repair KitASCO - 182032- Solenoid Valve Repair Kit
ASCO - 182033- Solenoid Valve Repair KitASCO - 182033- Solenoid Valve Repair Kit
ASCO - 186548-016-*-016- Replacement CoilASCO - 186548-016-*-016- Replacement Coil
ASCO - 18900001-120/60-120/60 - Pneumatic ValveASCO - 18900001-120/60-120/60 - Pneumatic Valve
ASCO - 18900001-24/DC-24/DC - Pneumatic ValveASCO - 18900001-24/DC-24/DC - Pneumatic Valve
ASCO - 18900036-120/60-120/60 - Pneumatic ValveASCO - 18900036-120/60-120/60 - Pneumatic Valve
ASCO - 18900036-24/DC-24/DC - Pneumatic ValveASCO - 18900036-24/DC-24/DC - Pneumatic Valve
ASCO - 18900049-120/60-120/60 - Pneumatic ValveASCO - 18900049-120/60-120/60 - Pneumatic Valve
ASCO - 18900049-24/DC-24/DC - Pneumatic ValveASCO - 18900049-24/DC-24/DC - Pneumatic Valve
ASCO - 200262- Solenoid Valve Repair KitASCO - 200262- Solenoid Valve Repair Kit
ASCO - 206409-011-D*-011-D- Replacement CoilASCO - 206409-011-D*-011-D- Replacement Coil
ASCO - 216099-003-D*-003-D- Replacement CoilASCO - 216099-003-D*-003-D- Replacement Coil
ASCO - 216758-041-D*-041-D- Replacement CoilASCO - 216758-041-D*-041-D- Replacement Coil
ASCO - 222345-009-D*-009-D- Replacement CoilASCO - 222345-009-D*-009-D- Replacement Coil
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