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  1. I'm pleased to announce the addition of the Solberg Filtration products. The entire 791 products associated with this brand are available on the website now. These items are subject to a $125.00 order minimum and ship from Illinois.
    PDF literature is available on the Solberg product page. 

    Solberg Overview Section

    Inlet Filter Silencers and Silencers

    Inlet Filter Assemblies and Extreme Duty Filters

    Inlet Vacuum Filters and Separators

    Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Filters

    Oil Mist Eliminators for Power Generation (Recip Engines, Crankcase Ventilation, Marine)

    Replacement Filter Elements and Coalescing Separators

  2. Centro's '18 Line Card
    Please take a moment todownload and review the Centro PDF line card and see the total brand and product offering Centro Inc. distributes or represents
    Centro's Line Card Cover
    About Centro 
    For more information about Centro visit our
    about us page.
  3. the move of the Mobile branch from our rented facility in Spanish Fort AL to the new building we constructed over the past 8 months in Theodore AL began on January 23 and has continued this week. We want to recognize the whole Mobile branch team for their hard work this week on this important relocation.
  4. I added this information to the shipping page due to the number of folks requesting weights & dimensional information that I don't have.

    Estimating Freight
    Most orders shipping within the contiguous United States standard ground best way have a freight amount of ~$20.00, exports are ~$100.00. Priority methods such as 3-Day, 2-Day or Next Day Air are expected to be more. To create a more detailed freight quote refer to a products datasheet to estimate the weights and dimensions while using www.ups.com to estimate the transit time & amount from Memphis, Tennessee 38127

  5. Congratulations to Alan Waxler for being a finalist in the Memphis Business Journal's CFO of the year program. It was great to see Alan recognized as one of the four top CFO's in Memphis in the small company category. The rest of Memphis is catching up with what we already knew--Alan does a great job.
  6. The Parker Finite filtration products are now available for sale on www.Centro-Online.com with 2018 pricing.
    After reviewing our sales and market pricing a 25% off List price discount has been applied.
    These items are expected to ship from stock in Memphis, Tennessee or from Lancaster, New York.
    Click here to visit the Finite Filter page on www.Centro-Online.com
  7. We are now officially a Peco distributor for all of their filtration products, mainly for general industrial, natural gas, bio-gas, refinery gases, chemical and refinery. Parker recently bought Clarcor which brought the following brands:
    Peco – Including an inexpensive single high flow housing and element rated to 200 gpm, priced around $ 2500 ASME code stamp, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, http://www.pecofacet.com/Products/Filter- Housings/Oil-Gas/Model-Chemelean . Also liquid/liquid coalescers and particulate filters.
    BHA – Dust Collectors, cartridges and bags. http://www.clarcorindustrialair.com/Products/Industrial-Filtration/BHA
    Purolator – Metallic Filters and Self Cleaning, http://www.purolator-efp.com/Products , http://www.purolator-facet.com/Markets/Chemical-Process/Metaledge-Filters
  8. Please see the links below for Fed Ex and UPS’s holiday schedule.

    Centro, Inc. appreciates your business and would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!
  9. hazardous area zones.
  10. Today the Memphis branch got their video conference equipment in our new conference room, we still need a new rug. Stacey Baird stood in today as our model to show off part of our $160,000 investment in training and company communications. Stacey has been the project manager on this important technology investment.
    Centro's new Video Conference room
  11. The new Mobile branch in Theodore is nearly finished and appears to have turned out better than we hoped or planned. There is still a little left to do and then we can start finalizing our plans to move over to the facility. There are still things to do that are less obvious like being connected to the internet, putting Mobile on the Centro network, putting in our phone system and adding our video conferencing equipment.
  12. Warning I'm going to try and brag about myself for a while here.
    I made an extra effort for a customer that was having difficulty checking out on the website. I made the extra effort when I saw that this customer had a full shopping cart $1700 and was at the final checkout page but wasn't able to get to the completion page to get their acknowledgment. This was someone trying to become a customer they weren't just a shopper. This customer's IP address showed that they were shopping in Ecuador and their questions on the Tawk.to live chat was written in Spanish to me. I studied Spanish for a few years in Highschool I do not speak it. But I remembered how I passed this class with translators! The trick to using these translators is to not assume the translation is accurate. In high school twenty-years ago there were fewer options than there is today, today there are many. Searching for Google Translate it defaults to the check the translation on the site and by default has a translate the translation button so we can see what it looks like to the receiver by making the translation play a game of telephone with its self. The order got completed and I think the customer was satisfied. Only a Spanish speaker would know how good my translation was, maybe all the client needed to see was someone who took the time to try and help them be understood. Ends verse means I guess. I got to use my very limited Spanish skills today. Yeah for me! If you want to feel smart too and brag to the wind about your neat translation abilities you should definitely use Google Translate and investigate the google translate apps out there. There is also a real-time translator that works using the camera on your phone to scan and it uses the microphone on the phone to listen to translate and repeat back in real time.
    A sample of this conversation is below that you can use to try out your translation skills with the above link too.

    (Click to enlarge photo)
  13. When we started Centro College, our monthly field sales training program nearly 15 years ago, we had 9 outside salespeople and 3 branch locations. One or two salespeople had a long drive to get to Memphis or Little Rock to attend the monthly all day product training meetings. Today with 22 outside salespeople we have salespeople driving 14 hours round trip for 6 hours of training. The solution will be a $160,000 investment in a video conferencing system that we will be deploying in all of our locations during the next three months, so that in 2018 Centro College will go virtual. The broadcast center for the monthly sessions will be in Memphis and our old conference room is going through a major changes to be ready for this exciting new business tool. By implementing this new system we believe we can add 200 more selling days next year for our team in the field.


  14. It won't be long until our Mobile sales team will be in the new branch in Theodore AL. The new location looks great and is nearly done. — feeling excited in Theodore, Alabama.

    Fun fact. The current Mobile, Alabama branch has a pond stocked with catfish behind it.

    Centro's mobile alabama branch

  15. Greg Stansell and the team in the Little Rock branch wondered if they were being invaded by a monster buried deep in the earth under our parking lot. The rupture in the water pipe created a small lake and fountain in our drive way, cut off water to the branch and necessitated a quick response from the city to fix the problem.
    Backhoe fixing a leak Water in Arkansas A hole in the parking lot

  16. I wanted to let you know that we can now assemble and ship Control Air brand products within 2-5 business days!
    This is a substantial improvement over what was a standard two weeks. If you have an immediate need for a regulator or transducer please indicate this at checkout and we'll get it on it's way.

    Have a great week!

    Control Air Products
  17. We would like to recognize Alan Waxler who is a finalist in the Memphis Business Journal's CFO of the year for the third time. Thank you Alan for everything you do to make Centro successful.

  18. Colfax pumps has been a good product line for Centro. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

  19. Jerry Walling and Greg Stansell will be representing Centro at the Pack Expo in Las Vegas. This industry event is an important opportunity for Centro to meet new vendors, talk to current vendors and pick up marketing information that will be used to grow our Compressed Air Division in the future.https://www.packexpolasvegas.com/
  20. So far the 2nd half of 2017 has been better for Centro than the 1st Half, so we are hopeful that the final quarter of this year will be more like the 3rd quarter than it the first half.

  21. We have been on a journey that we started in 2002 which was and remains based on being the "best" supplier of flow control solutions to industry. Everything we have done--acquisitions, training, new hires, new product lines have all been based on a strategy to be a supplier of customer-focused solutions. It hasn't always been easy to remain consistent to this purpose, and now and then, it is tempting to try to find a "new" way to succeed. However, over the long term we believe that by continuing to push on our flywheel concept--to be a solutions provider--we can create long term success.
  22. We would like to thank Jim Mackie, the general manager of Trerice Instrumentation for his excellent presentation at Centro College in Memphis this month. Jim's presentation was excellent and clearly, Trerice is committed to having the best service and product availability in our industry.
  23. We would like to thank Jason Glougie of Tranter for doing an outstanding presentation on Tranter Plate Coil. He did an excellent job and inspired a lot of thinking about opportunities for this unique product in our customer base.
  24. Rick Patterson did his usual outstanding job of training our folks on the legacy and the new products at Bindicator including a very exciting 78 GHz through air radar bulk solid level product. He also spent some time about 40 feet off the ground with Doug Chaney adjusting one of these units on a silo while he was here for Centro College.

  25. Bryan Rumrill did an outstanding job in his introduction of the Airtech Vacuum Pump and Blower line at Centro College this month. Together we all came up with a number of potential customers in nearly all of our market segments to talk with about this product line.
  26. Our new building in Theodore AL is really starting to look like a home for our S. Alabama, N. Florida and S. Mississippi team.

  27. We are excited to announce that Centro has been appointed as a distributor by Denso Robotics http://densorobotics.com/ This is a critically important addition to the Centro Compressed Air Division which will be renamed the Automation & Control Division next year. Jerry Walling and Tommy Hatmaker will be rolling out this product line to each of our branches during the coming 8 to 12 weeks.

  28. The excitement continues to build and our new branch in Theodore AL get closer and closer to becoming the new home for our Mobile AL team. Here is the latest update from Melissa Robertson on this important project.
  29. ProVu and ProtEX-MAX series meters also feature brighter LEDs for enhanced visibility. The ProVu's standard display can now be easily read through smoke, dust and fog, while the SunBright models can also be read even in direct sunlight! All ProtEX-MAX models come standard with SunBright displays.
    The ProVu and ProtEX-Max models and the rest of the precision digital meters and accessories have been discounted below the List MSRP and are available to shipdirect
    from Hopkinton, Massachusetts today!


    Help for family after big loss from fire

    The fireman was able to bring out a box of family photos & Libby's parent's wedding album. After the firefighters got the fire out and before they destroyed what roof was left to make sure the fire was completely out they tried to go in and bring her out anything they could find that wasn't burned. It was very little due to the fire burning her bedroom and her son Christians' and the entire upstairs. Everything is replaceable except the sentimental stuff. The most important thing is everyone is safe and that is a blessing. 

    Libby's son Shaun set up a “Go Fund Me Page” if interested in supporting Libby & Christian through this devastating time. She very overwhelmed but is strong and God, family & friends will pull her through as they always do.
    Please keep her & Christian in your thoughts and prayers.  

    (Above Sample pictures link to full-size images, links open in a new tab)

    More on the press releases page here
  31. Everyone in the Memphis branch took a few minutes today to injure their eyesight and stare up at the sun.

    Here is the preparations the Little Rock branch made for safely viewing the eclipse.

  32. A big thank you to Jim Braden, territory manager in Eastern TN for representing Centro at the Domtar product show yesterday.
    Centro's Product demonstration

  33. The often unsung and overlooked but also hard working folks that get missed in our postings about orders and sales are the team in corporate accounting, human resources and information technology. Without the hard work of these folks, sales would not be turned into income, products purchased would not be paid for, as well as payroll, benefits, system reliability, banking functions, credit card processing and the plethora of tasks that go on every day to make it possible for the company to function.
    Centro's Accounting Department

  34. Our new Mobile branch in Theodore AL continues to make steady progress. You can really get a good idea of how the branch will look in the future. A big thank you to Melissa Robertson for the update this weekend.
    The newest Centro Branch

  35. Centro Inc. www.CentroSolves.com with offices in Memphis, Little Rock, AR, El Dorado, AR Shreveport, LA, Mobile AL, Birmingham AL, Memphis and Nashville, TN has been appointed as a distributor for Compact Automation products.

    Centro will distribute the high performance automation product line in Alabama, the Panhandle of Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Western Tennessee.

    Centro Inc., founded in Memphis in 1970, is a specialty representative and distributor company focusing on customers in the Process Market. The company serves customer through six product focused divisions:

        • Instrumentation & Automation Division
        • Valve, Actuation & Engineered Products Division
        • Process Filtration Division.
        • Pump & Seal Division
        • Process Equipment & Sanitary Division
        • Compressed Air Division

    Compact Automation Products belongs to the ITT family of companies. With a dedicated focus on technical solutions to customer specific application needs Centro and Compact Automation can supply customers with the latest technologies in Hydraulic Cylinders for linear motion and force, Air Cylinders for pneumatic linear reciprocating motion and Linear Actuators that can use different mediums to achieve straight line motion control. With bore sizes from 8mm to 8 inches and forces up to 5,000 pounds, Compact Automation’s small but powerful products are some of the easiest to repair in the field. Compact Automation also specializes in customizing and modifying standard cylinder designs to fit your specific application requirements.

    Please contact Michael Gallagher president of Centro in Memphis at (901) 357-1261 with questions or comments
  36. Here is another update from our folks in Mobile, as you can see this is really starting to look like a home for our team. A big shout out to Melissa Robertson for her leadership on this project and for keeping us all up to date on our new location.

  37. I received a question that I thought others would like the answer to. I'll cut through the legalize of the PDF document linked to below and also added to the Aquamatic landing page. 
    " warranty to the original purchaser that its
    Products and Parts will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use
    beginning on the date of manufacture continuing for one year"

  38. The construction of the new Mobile branch in Theodore AL is making excellent progress.

  39. What should you expect with your order? We represent so many different and varied brands and manufacturers that answering that has the potential to be a different answer for every order. Often we get asked for items that our customers thought or assumed were part of their order but are not. I was thinking about how shoes are sold in pairs but not headlights the other day (3 months after replacing the one on the other side). Scrutiny of a data sheet, quotation, order acknowledgment or invoice is appreciated. If a client's company's processes requires additional documentation with an order we will absolutely try to accommodate this request Certificate of Conformance (CofC), Country of Origin or Material Traceability Report (MTR)

    An assumption is a trust in the experiences you've learned that make us who we are. An assumption is required I assume there are no Lions hiding in the bushes or in my closet. Well, you gotta do your "due diligence" my interpretation of this is to exhaust every known possible effort to eliminate assumption. 

    When you assume you... are a person just like me. let's figure out what you require. Below is a list of documentation that can be provided for the ITT/Neodyn brand of products they are currently are the most popular pressure switch on this website.

    I'm really surprised about the number of brands that sell expensive elaborate equipment but don't by default include an installation or operations manual. I like the idiom "an ounce of cure is worth more than a pound of prevention". To me, it is counter intuitive not to include an installation and operations manual to prevent mishaps or damage to the product by misapplying it. But then I was told about what that would entail something like a 24-page catalog and a 24 page IOM multiplied by every language it's printed in. In that regards it makes sense; the information isn't unnecessarily being added to the cost of the product it's being made available should the user need it.

    I wouldn't expect to be able to buy a scalpel and also receive an infinitely long installation and operations manual that went with it.
  40. A big thank you goes out to Don Johns who stopped by the new Mobile branch to see what kind of progress we are making on the new building. It has come a long way already from the pile of building materials in our last photo.
    The Centro Mobile Branch
  41. Old GloryCentro USA logo
    Independence Day, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire.

    Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the National Day of the United States
    Wikipedia 6/29/2017

    I added the state flags next to each of the seven Centro branch locations. Here they are. 
    Arkansas flagLouisiana FlagTennessee flag
    Do you know which flag goes with which state? Answers on the location page. Can you guess which one belongs to the city of West Memphis? Answer.
  42. Thomas Drolet educating folks on the OPW Lynx coupler Benefits today and one of the customers was amazed how easy it was to disassemble and asked me to do again so he could video......I got him to send it to me as I thought this might be helpful for everyone to see. The competition units take TIME and at the terminals, time is money when repairs/seals are required.


  43. The new Mobile branch continues to progress, the pad has been down for sometime and now the building is being delivered.

  44. Outstanding training presentation by Michael Loberger from 3M filtration in Memphis and Little Rock at Centro College this week.

  45. Tomorrow Thursday, June 22 is National Chocolate Eclair Day sadly Centro's offices will remain open
    Today I'm celebrating the uploading of the entirety of the ControlAir product offering I've also implemented a 15% discount (a 0.85 multiplier) off of list/MSRP.  
    Control Air Products
  46. I was using the google voice search to assist my two-year-old daughter to find Moana on YouTube Kids and realizing that her unusual pronunciations weren't sufficient to get her Disney Movie characters from Moana to appear I offered to help, but my pronunciation into the search wasn't recognized either. A fan of the movie I realized I needed the pronunciation from the movie that I had heard but couldn't repeat if not having heard. I said Moe-Awn-a and we watched Moana. Which blew my mind and I thought about conversations I've had at the office.

    "Do you pronounce it Neo-dine or Neo din?"

     "Do you pronounce it War Chester-Er, worse-ter or wooster?"

                   "Do you pronounce it Wick-Ah or Wike-Ah?" 

    My name is Robert, there are many Roberts who don't go by Robert I'd wager there are more Roberts not being Roberts than there are Roberts in the USA. What is your point, Robby? My point is that I get asked about these pronunciation questions a lot and for pronunciations, I'm not a good person to ask. Because even though I enjoy learning about the etymology of these names my answer is most often going to be my favorite dad joke. Bob, Baw-by, Bobby or Roberto "just don't call me late for dinner".  Sorry, Not-sorry. :-)

    So call me up and describe your brand name item or application requirement the best you can and together we'll figure it out because whatever your pronunciation opinion is; it all sounds like money to me!

    Thank you for your business and supporting the families that are Centro!

  47. Dirt work is nearly complete on our new branch in Theodore AL, the building will start going up on June 23rd. We expect to be in the new building in just a few more months

  48. OPW will be having a price increase by the end of this month.
    OPW has managed to hold it's pricing on their swivel joints since 2015. We've been informed at a minimum this price increase will be 4% across the board. Please use this as an opportunity to look at your usage or inventory as we are now. 

  49. Dirt work has started on the new Mobile branch which will be located in Theodore AL, not far from the Mobile city limits. We plan to be in our new building later this year.

  50. Congratulations go out to Tyler Halbrook for his outstanding performance at the Flowserve training school he recently attended.

  51. /files/3996424/uploaded/Aquamatic/aquamatic-catalog-cover-picture.png
    Good afternoon! I hope you're having a great week! I wanted to share some information with you about the Aquamatic brand of valves, controllers and eductors. 
    I'm happy to report that the Aquamatic brand since moving to their new facility in New Berlin, Wisconsin in 2016 is operating at a capacity that is meeting and exceeding that of when they were located in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

    In fact, lead times on all items have been reduced from 10 business days to assembling and shipping all products from stock components.

    Aquamatic valves and components are often in critical applications and when replacement components are needed it can often be a water on the floor emergency (possibly worse). Therefore to make sure these critically urgent orders are prioritized appropriately in the queue of orders a $40.00 expedite fee is now required to have orders ship the same or next business day.

    Orders without this expedite fee are assembled and shipped from stock components within 5 business days.
    All Aquamatic items are now available to ship from Stock!!!

  52. We would like to recognize Jimmie Don Price from Asco and Cindy Lewis from Centro for conducting a first class lunch and learn for one of our Memphis end users that focused on dust collection and the Asco valves used in this important application.

  53. "We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang seperately." Benjamin Franklin

    I was asked to write a "teamwork" page for the company employee manual. I am not sure that all the words I have written capture the nature of our shared future nearly as well as these few words from Benjamin Franklin. There is no way to escape the fact that we are all in this together, the largest part of our profit goes to wages, commissions, bonus, and benefits--so if we want higher pay, better benefits and more job security we have to take responsibility for more than our job, we have to take responsibility for one another and the long term achievement of our goals.

  54. This was a great week for the Pump & Seal Division at Centro. Greg James represented Centro at the Annual Flowserve Distributor meeting in CA this week. During the meeting, at the awards dinner Centro was recognized with two sales achievement awards for our performance last year. Everyone in the company worked hard to reach this level, but a great team needs a great coach and Greg James deserves our thanks for his hard work and leadership.

  55. We would like to recognize Jeanne' Smith. Jeanne started with Centro in 2000 and in a variety of full and part time positions accumulated 15 years of service with the company. Every job she has had she has approached every job with optimism and good humor--she is always the person at the "fun table" when we get together for our annual meeting.

    We would like to recognize Ronda McLeod in our Mobile office on her 4th anniversary at Centro. After Centro acquired Technical Specialties in Mobile in December 2012, we knew we needed to bring on some new people to help us take care of our current customers and to support our growth. Ronda has done a great job as part of the Mobile team and along with the rest of this office is off to a great start in 2017.

  56. Centro was a sponsor for the Pilgrims company golf tournament this year. Thanks go out to Dylan for representing Centro at this event.

  57. Centro CEO Michael Gallagher is visiting the Birmingham Branch on his way back to Memphis from Atlanta. So a trip to the whistlestop cafe (the inspiration for the restaurant in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes) is nearly a mandatory visit.

  58. Centro's Michael Gallagher is excited about representing Centro and participating as a member of the board of directors at the MCAA Industry Forum this year at Emory University in Atlanta. The agenda looks excellent and leading companies from the process industry will all be attending.

  59. DeWayne Wells from Spirax Sarco did a great overview presentation for our team at Centro College this week in Memphis and Little Rock.

  60. Michael and Andy from Palmer Wahl did an outstanding job At Centro College in Memphis and Little Rock this week.

  61. Joey and Keith from Flowserve valve did an Excellent job at Centro College training our team on ball, plug, control valves and actuators.

  62. We would like to recognize Jerry Polk, Branch Manager in Nashville on his 16 years of service at Centro. Jerry joined Centro after a long career at Grainger where he was a branch manager in multiple locations in the USA. Jerry was one of two outside salespeople we had in the 4 people Nashville branch when Centro changed ownership in 2001. Since 2002 the Nashville branch has grown to 4 outside salespeople covering not just Middle TN but Eastern TN and KY and a team of 11.
    Jerry Polk

  63. Congratulations go out to Don Johns-Territory Manager, Melissa Robertson-Branch Manager and Gary Prescott-Division Manager on capturing a $423,000 order for Koch Heat Transfer equipment that will ship to the customer in September/October. An order of this size required a lot of work by each of these folks plus outstanding teamwork with the team at KHT.
    melissaGary PrescottDon Johns

  64. Thank you Stacey Baird for putting some fun into the upcoming Easter holiday again this year by hiding over 300 eggs full of candy around the Memphis branch. As in past years a few of the eggs have gone missing so we will have candy surprises later on this year when those eggs finally appear.
    Stacey Baird

  65. I thought this was an interesting but albeit unfortunate shipping mistake Pictured below.

    Left side shows shipment attempted and the right side is shipment returning to sender.
    It was supposed to ship to Spain but a typo in the country code sent it to Saipan originally shipped from Ontario, Canada.
    (Click for new window with full sized images)
    The greatest adventure
    How can I avoid this in the future was what I asked myself. A typo was made when the address was entered but with UPS's Quantum view, and extensive tracking information an opportunity to make a correction may have been missed.

    For example; Centro's Memphis, Tennessee warehouse manager receives exception notifications he limits the notifications he receives to only exceptions and shares the alerts to the appropriate sales member. If this had shipped from the Memphis office I'd have expected that on 2/22 he would have received the "address incorrect" alert that we could have made before the shipment was sent back on 3/17 (3 weeks later).

    Ok Bob but why did you think I would care?...Because this is a free service you can use for your business and for home or residences! Find out whenever an exception occurs on a shipment coming or going to your home and/or scheduled deliveries and delivery notifications!
    (alert options pictured below)

    UPS customer service at 1.800.PICKUPS confirmed that the service has different names and abilities for different customers. Business customers have Quantum view as a free service and individuals have UPS my choice as a free service. The individual service offers text SMS alerts as well as email. Sign up for my choice has to be performed by the individual online and there is some appropriate residency verification. Quantum View can Not be signed up for online and can only be performed as a free service by the businesses' UPS representative.

    If you haven't already; as an individual or resident you can go to www.ups.com/mychoice/ and sign your home or residencies up for notification alerts. 
    I'd expect FedEx and USPS to have similar services

    Please post in the comments if you have any other tips or practices that you use.

    ~Bobby Gallagher

    Updated August 14, 2017
    usps informed delivery
  66. Centro has been approved by the TVA as part of the EnergyRight Preferred Partners Network to promote energy efficiency to industrial and commercial customers. https://www.energyright.com/For-Business-%252B-Industry
  67. We are all very excited about our new distributor agreement with Bray Controls. The Bray line will give us valve solutions and the needed support to help our customers and grow our valve business.https://www.bray.com/
  68. Congratulations go out to our newest territory manager, Tyler Halbrook, who captured a $28,000 Gamajet order today. Gamajet is a division of Alfa Laval and provides an engineered solution for tank cleaning applications.

  69. There are now more than 4,000+ Aquamatic SKU's on the website. Aquamatic is unique in how you can buy every replacement component that is used in their assemblies with part numbers listed on the drawings. 
    The brand Aquamatic was owned by the GE Osmonics company back in 2012. This was where a complete catalog for Aquamatic was found. It's a big file 27MB and it an older catalog but most of the information is still applicable and it's in one source. So you can look up a K52 valve and then scroll back up to the glossary to find what controller/stager should be used and what the diagram looks like.

    We are still offering our 18% discount off of List/MSRP and expect prices to hold until 01/01/2018. 

    Master catalog 17 mb 27.5MB [PDF FILE]
    Aquamatic cover page
    Thank you for your business!
    Bob Gallagher
  70. Every great team has a few exceptional players--Michael Jordan was that player for the Chicago Bulls, Ken Jones is that player on the Centro team. Over 15 years Ken has turned a small territory into the #1 territory in the company. Year in and year out he has done an exceptional job of representing Centro to our customers, vendors and the business community in El Dorado.

  71. Randy McMinn wanted to share a shout out on this blower repair work currently in progress. Last Friday Randy had a conversation with our customer about a need to get a bearing seal kit shipped to them asap for the third and final blower they have onsite. It had started leaking in the seal area which will cause failure very soon, leaving the plant no choice but to shut down until the two blowers we have in repair return. According to the description the leak was very severe and is not expected to last. Randy spoke to Greg Stansell about getting a quote immediately with expedited freight included. Within a matter of a few short hours it was quoted. Shortly thereafter, we had the PO ($7k). Greg and his team were able to get the quote out to the customer quickly and allowed us to strike while the iron was hot. Randy is sure the customer had other inquiries out to our competition because they were in desperation mode.

    Although it was not a huge order, the responsiveness was incredible. We would have lost the order had it not been for Greg Stansell!!! Thank you Greg!

  72. We would like to congratulate Randy Wilkinson on his 4th anniversary as part of the Centro Nashville team. Randy does an outstanding job not only of working with the Nashville based outside sales team, but with inside and outside salespeople in all of our branches. His expertise in valve products is a tremendous resource to Centro and to all of our customers.

  73. Every job at Centro is important because none of our jobs stands alone in terms of delivering value to our customers. Together as a team we all win or lose. It is a pleasure to congratulate everyone in the company on reaching our sales goal for this month and receiving a $100 bonus for the month of March.

  74. Congratulations to out to Michael Griffin in El Dorado. Michael joined Centro 9 years ago, a couple of years after the El Dorado branch was established in 2008. Michael is the warehouse manager and also handles a lot of the deliveries to the important customer base served by the El Dorado branch.

  75. Here is another sign about the impact of eCommerce on the business of industrial distribution. What Grainger is doing is not unlike what retail businesses are doing as the internet makes brick and mortar locations less important to users who can gain access to the products that they want through their computers. For MRO operations there will always be the quick delivery/emergency needs, but for planned purchases and/or purchases that do not require expedited delivery what difference does it make to the industrial end user if the product was in a local branch or shipped from a regional warehouse or drop shipped from the manufacturer--as long as the needed product arrives when promised.

  76. We would like to congratulate Jim Entrekin on his first anniversary with Centro. Jim joined Centro shortly after we made the decision to open and staff a branch in Birmingham AL. He has over 25 years of experience and strong customer relationships that he has leveraged to help us grow in Birmingham and Northern Alabama.
    Jim Entrekin

  77. Ashcroft is excited to announce the New 8008A Pressure Gauge
    20% off MSRP / List price! $78.00 $62.40 
    for a 4" dial diameter stainless steel pressure gauge (100mm)!
    Targeted for global markets, it is designed to meet both EN837-1 and ASME B40.100 specifications. This high quality pressure gauge is easily retrofitted and offered with custom dial scales and logos. A perfect choice for hydraulic systems, compressors and many other OEM applications.
    Lead Time within 9 weeks
    Expedited delivery available with air freight surcharge (consult factory)
    ·        Cost effective, high quality gauge
    ·        Custom dials available
    ·        Designed for high vibration resistance
    ·        Accessory kits available for easy retrofit mounting
    ·        Ventable fill plug
    To learn more, visit our product page:
    ·        8008A Pressure Gauge
    ·        8008A Datasheet
    If you have questions about the new gauge please contact sales.
  78. I'm always interested in the applications & inventive process solutions our products are used in. Stock photography and representative photos are sometimes not so representative. I'm always grateful when I get to see our products in action as I'm usually stuck in my office all day and my warehouse ain't to keen in being my website photographer. Email me your product photo and I'll put it on the website for us. 
    Sorry ladies these valves are spoken for, but Gentlemen, we can build them. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's Aquamatic diaphragm valves"

  79. I added some content to the website today with two new pages from Centro's Capabilities program for our vendors. Hopefully, this gives our customers an idea about the businesses we are in, our desire for growing our business and company and the diverse industries that our clients operate in. Just a little bit more about us here at Centro to establish more confidence with our potential vendors and customers.
    1. centro-aquisitions-and-mergers
    2. centro-clients.png
  80. I thought this was neat. We were having a training session and were discussing options for products to be used with corrosive applications and one corrosive application that I thought was rather interesting was RO Water. Then it was defined for me that RO water is water that's been through Reverse Osmosis and I couldn't help think to myself isn't filtered by Reverse Osmosis printed on the side of my bottled water?

    What kind of riddle is this? It's corrosive to metal but safe to drink? Made me think of the Alien movie where the alien had corrosive acid blood and would bleed through the floor of the spaceship. Are humans over here drinking water that is corrosive to metal but tasty to humans; how is crazy is that?

    Then I was informed by several folks that the process of creating ultra-puret H2O leaves it empty of molucels or ions or something and that drinking RO water or 

    Research from the World Health Organization's website. [212KB]

    I edited Gollum's poem from The Hobbit movie to reflect H2O
    This thing all things requires:
    Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
    Gnaws iron, bites steel;
    Grinds hard stones to meal;
    Can slay kings, & ruin town
    And beats high mountain down.

  81. The diaphragm is a moving elastomer made of Buna-n or FKM. Buna is rated for up to 125°F, FKM is more expensive and has a higher temperature rating up to 250°F. It is often compared to Dupont's Viton.

    There is also a seat removal tool and a shaft guide installation and removal tool. You can install a diaphragm and seal kit without the 42#-GT or the 42#-MT.
    (By comparison, I've also used my electric drill as a mallet, but I found my mallet works better as a mallet and I think it's better for all three of us that I don't use the drill as a mallet.)
    Moreover, if you don't need the entire kit with the seals you can also purchase just a diaphragm (Buna-n OR FKM) by choosing the part number from the valves respective drawing.
    The WA#125 that is stamped on the body of the valve indicates Water or Air up to 125 PSI.

    The diaphragms work on all valve assembly combinations as long as you match the diaphragm to the valve body size.
    (Not the same as the process port connection size... but it usually is.)

  82. Tis the season for... heat trace, but "Bob I live in the nice part of the United States we don't even get that white cold dusty stuff!" Then you are always in season for process control heat tracing. Whether you are in a part of the country where you need freeze protection or if you have a process where you need process temperature protection often to prevent a process from cooling and becoming solid.

    This can also be done using steam tracing and steam traps. Centro sizes applications for both and I am standing by should you have an application for us to look at or are just needing some heat trace or steam tracing replacement parts. (We like to have our cake and eat it too... Tis the season for eating cake! Lots of Cake...so much... I need to get back in the gym...)

    Here in Memphis, Tennessee I was blown away by the 59 
    °F temperature drop that was a high of 74 and a low of 14 a couple of days ago.
    I had to look up the record for this on Wikipedia and the record is: -54 to 49°F (A 103
    °F temperature difference) The largest recorded temperature change in one place over a 24-hour period
    occurred on January 15, 1972 in Loma, Montana.

    We've got our cold days in Memphis, Tennessee I've got my spigots covered up in the off chance we get a couple of days cold enough to freeze and break them. Do I really need to do that... I don't know, but what can it hurt.
    Raychem Steam Traps
    If you would like to make the ° symbol when typing, you can use these methods:
    1. On PCs - hold down the Alt key and on the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard, type 0176, or Alt+ 248 When you release the Alt Key, a ° should be there.
    2. On Macs - option shift 8.
  83. How to identify which Aquamatic Valve you have:

    It is quite common to find someone that does not have an Aquamatic or Pentair part number tagged or printed on their Aquamatic valve that they are attempting to replace or repair. Here are the questions I ask to reveal an Aquamatic valves identity.

    1. What is the valve made of Cast iron, PVC or plastic?
    2. What information do you have off of the valve? The usual answer is WA125, (this is the pressure rating of the valve,125PSI, WA stands for Water or Air) or a valve model e.g. 421, 424, 425, 426, 521, 524, 531, etc. is printed on the other side. 
    3. What is the size of the two process ports on the valve? 3/4"-9" sizes are available.
    4. What are the valve options? Is the valve normally open or normally closed? does it have a spring option, are there any additional option requirements such as a float level, solenoid valve or FKM diaphragm requirements? The valve drawings and moving the shaft can determine the valve's options, these drawings can be found on the valves webpage.

    After determining the valve you have you should be able to use the valve's master chart to specify a 14 digit model number.

    However, if you are just looking for a valve repair kit the 3 digit model number or size & body material should be sufficient to choose repair kits. Most common is the Buna-N diaphragm & seals kit (These are broken down on the valve drawings)

    Why isn't the P/N just tagged on the valve?
    I'm not sure why so many of these valves don't have valid Aquamatic/Pentair part numbers to identify them. My assumption is that they are removed by original equipment manufacturers when using these valves with larger equipment assemblies.
  84. Working with factory technical support & customer applications it has become apparent that the spring in the Aquamatic diaphragm valves only assists the valve in seating and that the spring itself is not strong enough to change the function of the valve from normally open to normally closed & visa versa. Since the spring is a minimal cost adder and only aids the valve in it's application it is recommended when choosing a standard diaphragm valve whether it be a V42, VAV, V46, K52 or K53. Have a fun & safe candy filled Happy Halloween from Centro, Inc.!
  85. Aquamatic valves are unique in how they can be operated by the process they are controlling or actuated independent of the process.

    For example you can use the process pressure of a water conditioner to port above or below your Aquamatic diaphragm valve to have your valve function in the normally open or closed position. This principle seems to be the same for all of the Aquamatic diaphragm valves regardless of their material of construction.

    However, these valves are not designed to be actuated with a standard 80 psi shop air necessarily. You do not want to exceed more than 10% of the PSI of the process you are controlling. Any more or less than this amount and the valve will "slam" open or shut and eventually damage internal parts or on the plastic/PVC valves crack the body of the valve.
" Our mission is to be regarded by our customers and community as the best supplier of control product solutions to industry. "
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