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Compressed Air Control DivisionCompressed Air Control DivisionFrom production to final packaging, the Compressed Air Control Division works with customers throughout the manufacturing process.  In manufacturing environments the compressed air control division...
Instrumentation & Automation DivisionInstrumentation & Automation DivisionThe Instrumentation and Automation division offers products and applications expertise focused on controlling, measuring and monitoring the variables in a process environment. Whether it is flow,...
Process and Sanitary Equipment DivisionProcess and Sanitary Equipment DivisionProcess industries are built on their abilities to create, blend, mix and manage a mix of various media, ingredients, chemicals and materials.  The Process Equipment and Sanitary Division focuses on...
Process Filtration DivisionProcess Filtration DivisionProper application of filtration technology can have a huge impact on operations in a process or manufacturing environment.   By properly applying products from the Filtration Division and the...
Pump and Seal DivisionPump and Seal DivisionProper management of rotating equipment including pumps and seals can have a huge impact on production in a process manufacturing plant.  The Pump & Seal division works with customers to improve...
Valve, Actuation and Engineered Products DivisionValve, Actuation and Engineered Products DivisionTwo major drivers of cost and process quality are process temperature control and flow efficiency. The Valve, Actuation & Engineered products division manages temperature control by applying...