WREG New Channel 3's pass it on at Centro with Libby Graves
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WREG New Channel 3's pass it on at Centro with Libby Graves

WREG New Channel 3's pass it on at Centro with Libby Graves


Help for family after big loss from fire

Update from Stacey Baird, HR
July 29th Saturday late afternoon, Libby’s house did catch on fire.  Her son and her brother had just arrived at the house and smelled what they thought was fireworks.  They got the dog out so she is very happy about that.  As you can imagine what didn’t burn there was a good chance water got it.  She told me last night that there were some things she was able to get.  She did get some pictures which as you know are the hardest thing to replace.  Red Cross has given her a card that will pay for the hotel for a couple of nights and her insurance has also given her a couple of nights.  They will be sending out an adjuster Tuesday.  After the adjuster gives the report, they will probably set Libby up in a rental while they rebuild her house but that is, of course, my expectations, she will be keeping in touch with me on what is happening.   
I want you all to know that after a couple of phone conversations with Libby, she is going to be ok.  Libby is a trooper.  Her attitude about this fire is that she will be fine because this isn’t the worst that has been thrown at her.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She will be out of the office today and probably tomorrow depending on what all she needs to handle so the ball can get rolling on getting her house and life back to normal.

From Yonna in accounting
The fireman was able to bring out a box of family photos & Libby's parent's wedding album. After the firefighters got the fire out and before they destroyed what roof was left to make sure the fire was completely out they tried to go in and bring her out anything they could find that wasn't burned. It was very little due to the fire burning her bedroom and her son Christians' and the entire upstairs. Everything is replaceable except the sentimental stuff. The most important thing is everyone is safe and that is a blessing. 

Libby's son Shaun set up a “Go Fund Me Page” if interested in supporting Libby & Christian through this devastating time. She very overwhelmed but is strong and God, family & friends will pull her through as they always do.
Please keep her & Christian in your thoughts and prayers.  

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