Compact Automation (ITT) Hydraulic Cylinders, Air Cylinders, and Linear Actuators from Compact Automation Products

Hydraulic Cylinders, Air Cylinders, and Linear Actuators from Compact Automation Products
Compact Automation was started in 1974 in Cleveland, Ohio by an engineer who frequently needed a small and easy to mount air cylinder and had an idea of how to design one. The result was the world’s first space-efficient air cylinder product line. While most competitors now have a similar product offering, Compact is still the leader, offering industry best force-to-size ratios, the most available standard options, and the ability to customize.

In 2004, Turn-Act rotary actuators were added to the Compact Automation product offering. Like Compact, Turn-Act rotary actuators have industry leading torque-to-size ratios and product configurability. Together they form a powerful product offering.
Today Compact is located in Westminster, SC and is part of ITT, a global manufacturer of highly engineered products. Compact Automation is a leading supplier of high-value actuator solutions to original equipment manufacturers in many industries. Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide unique solutions to our customers most difficult challenges. Don’t design your equipment around an actuator, design your equipment the way you want it and we will design an actuator to fit.
Product Brochures

Product Brochures

Ball Slides

Ball SlidesBall Slides
 Download     [3 mb]

Compact Custom Products Brochure

Compact Custom Products BrochureCompact Custom Products Brochure
 Download      [4.3 mb]

Compact Guided Cylinders

Compact Guided CylindersCompact Guided Cylinders

Compact Inch Cylinders Catalog

Compact Inch Cylinders CatalogCompact Inch Cylinders Catalog
 Download      [9.35 mb]

Grippers Catalog

Grippers CatalogGrippers Catalog
 Download      [3.25 mb]

GS (Guided Slides) Catalog

GS (Guided Slides) CatalogGS (Guided Slides) Catalog
 Download     [935 kb]

NIASA Electric Actuators

NIASA Electric ActuatorsNIASA Electric Actuators
 Download      [3.7 mb]

Shaker Cylinders

Shaker CylindersShaker Cylinders
 Download     [447 kb]

Z-Series Cylinders

Z-Series CylindersZ-Series Cylinders
 Download     [3.6 mb]

Gate Valve Cylinders Brochure

Gate Valve Cylinders BrochureGate Valve Cylinders Brochure
 Download     [953 kb]

Compact Automation Actuator Capabilities Brochure

Compact Automation Actuator Capabilities BrochureCompact Automation Actuator Capabilities Brochure
 Download     [1 mb]

Sub-Sea Products Brochure

Sub-Sea Products BrochureSub-Sea Products Brochure
 Download     [510 kb]

Turn-Act Products Catalog

Turn-Act Products CatalogTurn-Act Products Catalog
 Download      [3.7 mb]

Val-U-Act Series

Val-U-Act SeriesVal-U-Act Series
 Download     [2.2 mb]

Multi-Act Integrated Motion Actuator

Multi-Act Integrated Motion ActuatorMulti-Act Integrated Motion Actuator
 Download     [512 kb]

Hydraulic Rotary Valve Operators

Hydraulic Rotary Valve OperatorsHydraulic Rotary Valve Operators
 Download     [3.6 mb]

Rotary Vane Pneumatic Actuators

Rotary Vane Pneumatic ActuatorsRotary Vane Pneumatic Actuators
 Download     [476 kb]

Air Springs

Air SpringsAir Springs
 Download     [2.4 mb]

Connect & Control Technologies Brochure

Connect & Control Technologies BrochureIndustrial Motion and Flow Controls Products
 Download      [433 kb]

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