Beko-QWIK-PURE 200 High-Efficiency Oil-Water Separators 4022393 (KT1502000)
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Beko-QWIK-PURE 200 High-Efficiency Oil-Water Separators 4022393 (KT1502000)
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Beko-QWIK-PURE 200 High-Efficiency Oil-Water Separators
 4022393 (KT1502000)

  • Condensate feed: 3 x 1/2" | 1 x 1"
  • Cartridge Capacity (gal) 1 x 5.3
  • Tank Capacity (gal) 30.51
  • Filling Capacity (gal) 19.15
  • Height (inches) 44.1
  • Width (inches) 22.6
  • Depth (inches) 20.5
  • Weight (lbs) 70.6
Most orders ship same or next day from inventory in Atlanta Georgia
Maintenance Interval: 4,000 - 8,000 HOURS Min. / Max. Ambient Temperature +41 / +140 Degree Farenhite
Max. Operating Pressure at Inlet: 232 psig Max. Condensate Temperature: 140 degree Farenhite
Simplified Service / No Mess: lightweight, easy to change cartridge and the exterior remains clean and dry (no dirty hands)
Unique Adsorption Material: new filling material that is extermely light, not messy and has increased performance
Reliable Operation: works well with all lubrication types
Environmentally Safe: cartridge can be disposed of normally and is safe for any sanitary land-fill
Future Proof: Easy expansion with specifically designed accesories