palmerwahl-DHS85XL Heat Spy, -4 to 619°F (-20 to 320°C) LCD, Close Range 8:1
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palmerwahl-DHS85XL Heat Spy, -4 to 619°F (-20 to 320°C) LCD, Close Range 8:1
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Model Number DHS85XL 

Heat Spy, LCD, 5 to 14μm,
Close Range 8:1,
-4 to 619°F(-20 to 320°C)

Wahl's Brand New Hand-Held Infrared Thermometers!America's most innovative thermometer company. Palmer Wahl, manufactures precision temperature instruments. Wahl was the first to bring the industry a portable, non-contact, handheld infrared thermometer at an affordable price point. Today, Wahl is pleased to introduce this new model to our famous line of Heat Spy® Infrared Thermometers. These incredible accurate and robust Heat Spy's will help you diagnose any problem, and prevent costly equipment downtime. The variety of features enable you to select the most appropriate Heat Spy® for your application.

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Features Benefits
The most economical and highest performing Heat Spy in its class Used for close range: 8:1
Lower temperatures: 619°F (326°C)