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Stager Valves Controllers


About AquaMatic Stager Valves Controllers

AquaMatic Stager Series Valves are a motor-driven rotary multiport pilot valves, which are used to control a set of individual diaphragm valves in a predefined sequence. Stagers are constructed of durable, noncorroding, self-lubricating material for long and trouble-free operation. Stagers are driven by an electric motor and are controlled by AquaMatic Programmable Controllers or Adjustable Timers. In the event of a power failure, AquaMatic Stager Series Valves can be manually advanced through all positions.

The stager functions by pressurizing and venting the control ports, allowing valves to open and close in a predefined sequence. The control pressure to the stager, either hydraulic or pneumatic, must be constant and equal to or greater than the line pressure in the system.

AquaMatic is a subsidiary of Pentair.

AquaMatic AquaMatic proudly supports American manufacturing with hard-working employees in places like Milwaukee, WI; Cleveland, OH; and Dover, NH, as well as local suppliers who provide the majority of the components used to manufacture valves and tanks right here in the USA. Click


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Aquamatic - E948-00F1-S000B 962,48-00,N4XFG,115VACAquamatic - E948-00F1-S000B 962,48-00,N4XFG,115VAC962,48-00,N4XFG,115VAC
Aquamatic - E948-00F1-S00RB 962,48-00,N4XFG,115V/50H,RELAYAquamatic - E948-00F1-S00RB 962,48-00,N4XFG,115V/50H,RELAY962,48-00,N4XFG,115V/50H,RELAY
Aquamatic - E948-00F1-S010B 962,48-00,INV,N4XFG,115VACAquamatic - E948-00F1-S010B 962,48-00,INV,N4XFG,115VAC962,48-00,INV,N4XFG,115VAC
Aquamatic - E948-00F1-SA00B 962,48-00,N4XFG,115VACAquamatic - E948-00F1-SA00B 962,48-00,N4XFG,115VAC962,48-00,N4XFG,115VAC
Aquamatic - E948-00F1-SE1RB 962,48-00,INV,N4XFG,115VAC,RELAquamatic - E948-00F1-SE1RB 962,48-00,INV,N4XFG,115VAC,REL962,48-00,INV,N4XFG,115VAC,REL
Aquamatic - E948-00F2-S000B 962,48-00,N4XFG,230VACAquamatic - E948-00F2-S000B 962,48-00,N4XFG,230VAC962,48-00,N4XFG,230VAC
Aquamatic - E948-00F2-SE00B 962,48-00,N4XFG,220VACAquamatic - E948-00F2-SE00B 962,48-00,N4XFG,220VAC962,48-00,N4XFG,220VAC
Aquamatic - E948-00F2-SE1RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,220V/50-60H,REAquamatic - E948-00F2-SE1RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,220V/50-60H,RE962,48-01,N4XFG,220V/50-60H,RE
Aquamatic - E948-01F1-S000B 962,48-01,N4XFG,115VACAquamatic - E948-01F1-S000B 962,48-01,N4XFG,115VAC962,48-01,N4XFG,115VAC
Aquamatic - E948-01F1-S00RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,115V/50H,HMG,RAquamatic - E948-01F1-S00RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,115V/50H,HMG,R962,48-01,N4XFG,115V/50H,HMG,R
Aquamatic - E948-01F1-S010B 962,48-01,INV,N4XFG,115VACAquamatic - E948-01F1-S010B 962,48-01,INV,N4XFG,115VAC962,48-01,INV,N4XFG,115VAC
Aquamatic - E948-01F1-SA00B 962,48-01,N4XFG,115VACAquamatic - E948-01F1-SA00B 962,48-01,N4XFG,115VAC962,48-01,N4XFG,115VAC
Aquamatic - E948-01F1-SA0RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,115/60,SA,RELAAquamatic - E948-01F1-SA0RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,115/60,SA,RELA962,48-01,N4XFG,115/60,SA,RELA
Aquamatic - E948-01F1-SC00B 962,48-01,N4XFG,115VACAquamatic - E948-01F1-SC00B 962,48-01,N4XFG,115VAC962,48-01,N4XFG,115VAC
Aquamatic - E948-01F2-S000B 962,48-01,N4XFG,230VACAquamatic - E948-01F2-S000B 962,48-01,N4XFG,230VAC962,48-01,N4XFG,230VAC
Aquamatic - E948-01F2-SA00B 962,48-01,N4XFG,230VACAquamatic - E948-01F2-SA00B 962,48-01,N4XFG,230VAC962,48-01,N4XFG,230VAC
Aquamatic - E948-01F2-SC00B 962,48-01,NEMA4,220VACAquamatic - E948-01F2-SC00B 962,48-01,NEMA4,220VAC962,48-01,NEMA4,220VAC
Aquamatic - E948-01F2-SC0RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,220/50,SC,RELAAquamatic - E948-01F2-SC0RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,220/50,SC,RELA962,48-01,N4XFG,220/50,SC,RELA
Aquamatic - E948-01F2-SF0RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,220V,SF,RELAYAquamatic - E948-01F2-SF0RB 962,48-01,N4XFG,220V,SF,RELAY962,48-01,N4XFG,220V,SF,RELAY
Aquamatic - E948-04F1-SA00B 962,48-04,N4XFG,115VACAquamatic - E948-04F1-SA00B 962,48-04,N4XFG,115VAC962,48-04,N4XFG,115VAC
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